Presenting Your Gift With Style: 6 Creative Ideas To Try

Planning for the perfect gift is like ascending the staircase with one step at a time. Skipping a few steps can be too exertive or cause you to fall, and going too fast can result in you being out of breath! It goes to show that gifting is a delicate process that requires thoughtful planning and steady execution.

You can even plan an experience before they get to their actual gift. Though it takes a little bit of planning and time, giving gifts in a unique way make the overall experience more memorable. So, let’s check out the few ways to make the gift-giving moment extra special!

Presenting an adventure

Why not send your receiver on a scavenger hunt to find their gift?

All you need to do is to create some clues from one destination to the next, that eventually leads to the final destination of the gift’s location.

Voila, your receiver is in for some fun time, indeed!

Presenting a decoy

A bit of trickery can go a long way, and it starts with sowing seeds of disappointment that quickly transitions to joy.

Get a tall gift box and store the actual gift right at the bottom. Fill the space with paper and foam balls, then nestle a dummy gift right on top. You might need to gently prompt the person to keep digging to find their actual gift.

And in moments to come, the frown and pout on their face will instantly turn into a wide smile! Guess a rainbow does come after a ‘storm’, huh?

Presenting it personally

If you’re giving a corporate gift to a customer, client or business partner – having it delivered personally goes to show how much you value them.

As actions speak louder than words, you’re conveying how grateful you are for their contribution to your company’s success.

Of course, attaining the perfect gift does not stop at getting the gift. In gift etiquette, the way you present your gift is just as important! You wouldn’t want to give a gift to someone that’s unwrapped because that ruins the element of surprise.

Amplify your gift presentation

Most people tend to overlook the way they present their gifts, or are just running out of inspiration. Don’t fret, that’s why we’re here.

A handwritten note

There’s nothing that speaks personalisation than a good old handwritten note – it just shows the receiver how much effort you’ve put in, down to the final detail.

Now, all you have to do is finish off your gift wrapping by tying around a strong before attaching your note! And there you go – a simple yet thoughtful gift all prepared!

Rustic gift wrap

If your gift is shaped irregularly, pack it in a paper box to ease the wrapping process!

With brown kraft wrapping paper, wrap around the box however you want to. Tie a brown twine over it and attach your note, if any. To take it up a notch, attach some greenery that makes for a beautiful contrast.

Classic bow

If you want to keep your gift looking sleek, then go the traditional way. After all, you can never go wrong with a gift box topped with a ribbon.

You can have a say in the gift box’s design with the help of our in-house designers to elevate your product packaging.


The gift matters, and so does your presentation. As the saying goes, it’s the thought that counts. Getting an expensive gift can impress, but it might fall short if it isn’t given with sincerity. And what better way to showcase the thought and effort you’ve put in through the overall presentation of the gift?

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