Gift Your Father The Joy Of Quality Sleep For Father’s Day

Father’s Day is arriving in less than a week. As we celebrate the contribution that fathers and father figures make at home and in society, what better way to express your gratitude than showering them with love and gifts.

If you have yet to think of an ideal surprise, let us help you out! For our Father’s Day Special, pick up a DETENSE ArcticSilk Mattress and gift the special man in your life – your dad or the father of your child – the luxury of comfortable, pain-free, and cooling sleep. This year provides a unique opportunity to celebrate a little differently indoors, so why not make it more comfortable for him at home!

DETENSE ArcticSilk Mattress Promotion – While Stocks Last

 For a limited time only, receive an exclusive 40% OFF your purchase of our DETENSE ArcticSilk series mattresses. You can enjoy an additional discount of up to 10% by simply entering the promo code ‘FDPROMO’ before check out. Purchasing the perfect gift has never been easier – you can enjoy more savings without sacrificing quality or comfort!

Our online store offers a wide range of perks and benefits that you can enjoy. When you purchase any of our mattresses, we provide free bedding accessories in addition to your purchase. That means with the perfect gift of a double layer memory foam mattress like our DETENSE ArcticSilk series mattresses, your father can customise, shape and personalise his very own sleep environment to the way that he likes. When you shop via our online store, you will also receive free immediate delivery and up to 15 years warranty on your mattress purchase!

DETENSE ArcticSilk Mattress series also features the Luxurious Camelot Mattress, paired with a luxurious Euro Box Plush Top and Pillow Top. Incorporating essential cooling technology, the Luxurious Camelot Mattress allows individuals to sleep cool and soundly throughout the night, without waking up the next morning in sweat.

You can pair our DETENSE ArcticSilk series mattresses, which come in various sizes, with any storage bed that provides exceptional support for a good night’s rest while offering storage space for keeping things out of sight and easy retrieval.

Our Father’s Day promotion will last until 21 June and offers limited stocks, so hurry! You can visit our online store and pick out the best gift of comfort for your father today.

Features of DETENSE ArcticSilk Series Mattresses

DETENSE ArcticSilk series mattress is the first anti-static and cooling mattress found in Singapore. Affordable and luxurious, the DETENSE ArcticSilk series features a cooling technology thanks to its gel infused memory foam material. It dissipates heat from the body, helping the sleeper stay cool and sweat-free during the night.

As one of Singapore’s first anti-static mattresses, it also provides anti-static properties, discharging excessive static electricity that has been built up throughout the day while you sleep. This benefits individuals who may feel lethargic even after 8 hours of sleep to wake up feeling energised and fresh to take on the next day!

Sleep becomes much more important as we grow older or seek to juggle the busy demands in our lives. Let us  help your father fight morning fatigue, sweats and lack of comfort with our DETENSE ArcticSilk series mattress.

The Perfect Father’s Day Gift

Our wide range of mattresses fits different needs – shop for the right gift that he will appreciate for years to come. For instance, our Chiro Supreme series feature mattress for lower back pain that delivers optimum support throughout the night with its pocket spring design.

There’s no better way to display how much you love and appreciate your dad this Father’s Day than showing care for their well-being. As sleep is an essential part of our lives, we can ensure that your father can receive the best comfort he requires.

Don’t miss this limited-time offer and shop for a gift of cooling, luxurious sleep at a discounted price!

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