Essential Things To Consider When Preparing A Funeral

No one likes to talk about death as it is not a happy topic. It is very worse topic to consider. Death is reality of life. In this article, we are going to discuss the planning of the funeral services in Singapore. There are some steps to complete the funeral process in Singapore. First of all, you should decide on the funeral home. Most people in Singapore do not know what to do at the time of death. They feel very grief. So the first step is to decide the funeral home, After searching the home then it will be necessary for you to obtain the certificate of cause of death. It is the main requirement in all countries. Obtaining a certificate in Singapore will be the main requirement of the funeral process.  You can get a certificate from the hospital from doctors. For this purpose, there is a need for an ID card. If there is death in the hospital then it needs to be transported. There will be some cost for you to transport the dead body.

In some cases the death may occur abroad then it needs to be registered with relevant authorities of the country. There are two options to bring the dead body. They can bring the body home or cremation.

Registration of a death is very important in all countries like Singapore. You can register in Police station in Singapore. There is need to provide the following documents in police station.


  • Deceased’s ID
  • Informant’s ID

Once you have registered the death the center will keep the report and you will be issued the certificate.

After this process, there is need of a wake and funeral. This process in ended with burial of dead body.

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