Bringing Sexiness To Another Level: Achieve A Flawless Back

While it’s common to see men with hairy backs, unfortunately – women can have hairy backs too.

This undesirable and often deemed unattractive condition is also known as hirsutism. And if you suffer from it, this can refrain you from wearing that gorgeous bareback dress on date night and stunning bikini at the beach!

Fret not, we got your back! Our Super Hair Removal(SHR) laser treatment is here to restore your confidence and save the day, with minimal fuss and maximal results!

Bringing sexy back with SHR laser treatment

What’s the big deal about our SHR machines?

Harnessing powerful and highly-targeted light energy to destroy the hairs at its root, our customers love their results and swear by our treatment to achieve smooth, flawless skin that lasts for years in just a few sessions!

Especially for difficult to reach areas such as your back, opting to get your body hair removal done by a well-trained specialist is definitely the way to go! To ensure that the entire process is pain-free and comfortable, we use our skin-loving Princess Gel™ that has great moisturizing and whitening properties!

And if you are worried about burning a huge gaping hole in your pockets, rest assured that we are completely transparent with our customers – with great monthly deals and flexible packages that work with any budget, you can forget the stigma that getting the best laser hair removal is expensive and full of hidden costs!

In addition, our SHR machines work with all skin types, which may not be the case for other laser methods, such as IPL hair removal treatment.

So, whether you are suffering from just a few patches of fine hair or full-blown Chewbacca on your back, SHR is undoubtedly one of the best hair removal methods you can invest in! We are able to cover over 22 areas on the body, including facial hair removal and Brazilian hair removal for a full-body pamper sesh!

No more being embarrassed and self-conscious while wearing that bareback dress – don’t wait any longer to treat and invest in yourself – book your first FREE consultation with us today!

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