Why You Should Consider Affordable Engagement Rings

They say you should spend two months of your income on your engagement ring. We don’t think so. We are here to present our case for affordable engagement rings. So, let’s start it.

Why affordable rings?

We say why not? And here’s a list of some of the reasons you should consider it;

  • Its light on pocket.
  • You can build high expectations for future which could be difficult to meet.
  • Feelings are important than material things.
  • You can buy her other more practical stuff. How about a honeymoon abroad instead?
  • Expensive designer brands appeal to your emotional side. Brands exploit this emotion. They are not always worth the price.
  • There will be many occasions in your marital life when you can shower her with expensive gifts. Engagement is not really that moment.

Tips on finding an affordable engagement ring:

  • You can substitute diamonds with another gemstone.
  • Don’t go for color and clarity. They can be expensive.
  • Limit your carat weight.
  • Shop online
  • Choose 14K gold which is inexpensive.
  • Focus on cut.


It can happen that your girl is expecting so much and you have to give her an expensive engagement ring. This situation should bot arise. Engagement ring should be economical and affordable. You will save yourself a lot money which can be utilized elsewhere productively. Get your dream wedding jewellery now!

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