Prevent Property Fire with the Right Fire Extinguisher

What can fire do to you? In just a span of 2 minutes, it can become your scariest nightmare. You cannot rely on your own household techniques to prevent sudden fire. You need to have some top-notch equipment to save your house or office. In Singapore, there were 14.9% of fire cases in 2017, which were reduced to 9.3% in 2018. However, still, the fire rates are higher in Singapore.

How to choose the best fire extinguisher services in Singapore? 

Singapore is well-known for technological advancements, yet it lacks when it comes to fire safety and maintenance. There are some points you should remember while choosing a fire extinguisher servicing Singapore.

  • Highly-trained fire team
  • Comes with all the safety equipment
  • Repair & Inspection services

Say, if you want to buy a fire extinguisher for the house, which one would, you choose? Know the types of classes and extinguisher to choose the best one.

Types of Extinguishers used in Singapore

Type A: Some common combustibles such as – Wooden, Cloth, Paper, and Trash.

Type B: Liquid (Gasoline), which is flammable.

Type C: The electrical types of equipment such as- Appliances and Motors.

Type D: Incendiary metals such as- Potassium, Aluminum, and Sodium.

Type K: Some baking oils and Lubricants.

The Fire extinguishers are mainly known as 6 types, namely- CO2, Water & Foam, Dry Chemical, Wet Chemical, Clean agent and Dry powders. All the types can be used for commercial and household purposes especially industries in Singapore.

Make your house and offices free from fire by using the best fire extinguisher servicing Singapore. Call them immediately before fire destroys everything of yours!

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