Hosting A Corporate Party That Leaves An Impression

There is nothing more disappointing than anticipating for a company party nearly the entire year, only to have a dull time when the day finally arrives. That should not be the case, especially when a lot of time, effort, resources and money have been put in and spent on the event. However, if you ever find yourself experiencing this, several remedies can help you turn a corporate party around.

Here are several tips to make a corporate party enjoyable.

1. Organise games 

Games can salvage a dull party. One game you can introduce is the mystery murder game where one person will pretend to be murdered, and the rest of the participants have to find out who the culprit is. You can even make use of the lighting by dimming them to create a sense of eeriness, enhancing the game.

If you are conducting the party outdoors, you can consider organising a treasure hunt, where you can place different prizes at various locations. You do not have to worry or stress over where to purchase the gifts; corporate gifts in Singapore will provide you with a variety of choices.

2. Set up a photo booth

Pictures are a great way of remembering significant events in our lives. In this modern-day, selfies have become the norm. You can set up a photo booth where people can take group shots together. You can have fun and interesting props like goofy sunglasses, for people to pose with when taking pictures. Everyone will surely have an enjoyable time making memories together.

3. Hold an office award ceremony

It is not unusual for one to desire to feel appreciated for a job well done. Thus, you can use this opportunity to thank one another. You can get mini Oscars statues to award your staffs with various categories such as the funniest person in the office and the most helpful person in the team.

4. Host a talent show 

Everyone has something that they are really great at doing, whether it is singing, juggling, painting, or even doing acrobats. With a talent show, the employees will surely have a pleasant time and a blast enjoying themselves.

You can also set up a karaoke machine where the employees can sing to their heart’s content and certainly have a whale of a time.

5. Food and beverages 

Last but not least, you should not forget about the food and drinks as well. It is advisable to ensure that whatever is served suits everyone’s palate and that the quantity is sufficient for everyone present at the party. There should be plenty of drinks, and ensure that there are both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks available.

To sum it up, the tips mentioned above can help you turn your corporate party into a successful one and become the talk of the town for a very long time.

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