The Different Kinds Of Pest Control For Bed Bugs

Bed bugs, just like termites, they are annoying. They could harm and cause pain in some cases. More than 300 products use against bugs, and EPA has registered them. Few of them only can be used by professionals. If you have a problem with bed bugs in Singapore, you need to call Bed bug pest control Singapore as soon as possible to get the right treatment. Sure, they will use safe and effective products to control the bed bugs.

The currently registered pesticides are biochemicals, pyrroles insect growth regulators, desiccants, and pyrethrins. Another one is Dischlorvos with narrow use. For small enclosures, you can use it. However, you need to know that each chemical treatment kills the bed bugs in a different method. Anticipate the resistance of the bed bugs by using the different modes of action. The common pest control used by Bed bug pest control are:

  • Pyrethroids and Pyrethrins. For indoor pests, these two compounds are suitable to use. Botanical insecticides from chrysanthemum flowers are pyrethrins, while pyrethroids are synthetic. They could flush bed bugs and kill them. However, they cannot kill resistant bed bugs. They just make them move temporarily. When it happens, you need to switch different chemical class to control it.
  • Destroying the waxy could make the bed bugs dehydrate and die. This compound makes a physical mode of action. It makes the pesticides cannot be resistant. The long-lasting effect will effective in attacking the bed bugs. Desiccants examples are Boric Acid and Diatomaceous Earth. Make sure the one you used is registered by EPA. Sure, Bed bug pest control will only use the registered compound.
  • The only biochemical that registered against bed bugs is cold-pressed neem oil. It is pressed from seeds of the Neem tree.
  • This is a synthetic form of nicotine. It causes nerves to fire continually and make the nerves fail. It is effective for resistant bed bugs.
  • The new chemicals in this compound could kill the bed bugs. The only one that registered currently is Chlorfenapyr.
  • Insect growth regulators. This are chemicals that similar to juvenile growth hormones in the insect. It altering the production of chitin or by altering an insect’s development. In some cases, it forces the insect to develop too fast, and the rest of them stop to develop. Bed bug pest control will use one of them based on the case.

Bed bug pest control should be done carefully. You should know the adverse reaction of the pest control to your surroundings. Therefore, it is important to classify indoor bed bug pest control and the outdoor one. Each of them has different effectivity, method, and side effects. Call termite controls to get clear information about it. You cannot be careless, especially to kill indoor bed bugs. Some compounds are not good to inhale. Read the label and instruction before you use the pest control. Remember to wash your hand after contact with the pest control.

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