Importance Of Getting Your Thyroids Checked By Specialists

You will get difficult to know the number of his thyroid hormones. From this guide, you will know at least the signs of too much thyroid hormones called hyperthyroidism or too few thyroid hormones called hypothyroidism. To ensure the amount of it, visit Singapore thyroid specialist and get the laboratory check.

Hyperthyroid signs

The signs of hyperthyroid are restlessness, weight loss, palpitation, diarrhoea, nervousness, hand tremors, and increase sensitivity to heat. If you feel more than one of them, it is better to check it soon. You can do a simple blood test. It is called thyroid function test.

Hypothyroid signs

If you are easy to gain weight, having poor memory and concentration, tiredness, having slowed heart ate, constipation, having dry skin, and increased sensitivity to cold, it means you are hypothyroid.

That condition will be different if you have a problem with its nodule. ENT specialist or surgeon trained will help you to get solution. Singapore thyroid specialist cannot do surgery for you. However, if you have both problems, it means thyroid specialist and ENT should be invited. Visible thyroid lumps are more in women than men. To see the reasons, an ultrasound scan and radiological imaging can be solution.

The suspicious of cancer happens if you have a weight loss. If the lump is more than 1.5 cm, do not wait to find Singapore thyroid specialist. After visiting the specialist, you should find the clinical history like symptoms from the lump, the duration of the lamp, risk factors of thyroid cancer, change in size of the lump, compressive symptoms, and symptoms to get them too little or too much thyroid hormone.

Singapore thyroid specialist will do the complete head and neck examination.  Flexible nasendoscopy might need. It is a painless procedure. There will be local anaesthesia to give and it is practical. It is done if you have a different voice. Your vocal cords need to be seen by the nasendoscopy. There are three investigations of thyroid health. They are ultrasound of the thyroid gland, thyroid function test, and fine needle and aspiration and cytology of the thyroid lump.

After getting a thyroid lump, you will get a decision to get surgery or not. Singapore thyroid specialist will suggest you have surgery if there is cancer or suspected cancer, control of hormones, cosmesis, or compression. Compression is a large thyroid lump pressing on around structures. It looks like food pipe or windpipe. Also, about control of hormone condition, it is a surgical treatment option because of the high level of thyroid hormone. Cosmesis is a condition to remove the thyroid lump based on the patients’ desire.

The common problems of the thyroid gland are divided into two categories. They are issues with the number of thyroid hormones and thyroid nodules growth. We have to know the function of our thyroid gland first. It is to produce thyroid hormones. They regulate your metabolism. Consult if you have something not usual with them and find a specialist if they are swollen and make your neck looks bigger.

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