5 Tips To Plan Your Mid-Autumn Festival Party Professionally

Lantern and lighting decorations being put up, mooncakes being sold in stores and festival events popping up everywhere in Singapore.

September is here, and you know what that means – Mid-Autumn Festival! Most Chinese families are all set and ready to check out all the events and prepare for a cosy moonlit celebration with their loved ones.

And they’re not the only ones excited – other locals travellers and are just as thrilled! Tasty mooncakes and beautiful lanterns – who could ask for more really?

Now, let’s go straight into the must-haves in a party for you to set up a smashing success for guests and your loved ones!

Participate in events

Before anything else, check this off your list first!

When it comes to a party, it’s all about having a blast and how else can you have it without a fun and exciting schedule for guests to look forward to?

And how do you do that? It’s simple – visit different events before the big day for inspirations and ideas! Parents and families can go for different events happening in Singapore to spend some time together and derive inspirations.

There’s always the gorgeous Gardens By The Bay for nature lovers who want a change of scenery from the hectic work and school lifestyle. Otherwise, there’s the Moonfest 2019 at Esplanade for marvellous street opera performances and intriguing storytelling sessions for the little ones. This year, we even have Jurong Lake Gardens joining in on all the fun!

Now, just incorporate all these ideas into the party for a win-win solution – bonding time and party planning!

Delicious mooncakes

Reaching for the moon is practically impossible, so what’s the next closest thing you can find? Mooncakes, of course!

In the past, we were only blessed with traditional and delicious flavours like Red Bean Paste, Five Kernel and Roast Pork, Lotus Seed Paste and Snow Skin. Right now, some mooncakes have taken the modern route.

Standard modern flavours include Ice Cream and Green Tea, but what’s really blowing everyone’s minds are the interesting flavours by many chefs across Singapore!

Besides the famous flavours such as Ondeh Ondeh and Salted Yolk Truffle – this year Antoinette is pushing their new creation – Peach Truffle! Meanwhile, St. Regis Singapore will be bringing in new snow skin mooncake flavours like Royal Milk Tea Paste (bubble tea fans, we know you’re out there!), Oolong Tea Truffle and Chendol Paste with Melon Seeds.

We hope we got you excited about the new flavours, because we certainly are. Keep on exploring because these are just a few out of the many around the island!

Gorgeous lanterns

You absolutely can’t do without lanterns! Otherwise, how else are you supposed to make your wishes and give your offerings to the beautiful goddess, Chang’e?

Everyone knows how significant lanterns are in the Mid-Autumn Festival. From being the perfect art and craft activity for children for a swell time to witnessing its beauty as its being lighted up at night – it’s a must-have for sure.

To make it even more interactive – you can even organise a lantern painting competition among the kids! They will get even more hyped up for the contest if you throw in a few appealing prizes, so be creative with your selection and let the battle begin!

Fun entertainment

What’s a party without fantastic entertainment and exciting activities? Not one, really.

Entertainment – activities, performances or games are there for a purpose – to occupy and engage your guests! So, get the party started with some stimulating entertainment.

Face painting has always been one of the most delightful ways to unite all the guests in a party! And for the Mid-Autumn Festival, it’s all the more special with designs like the Sakura style. Meanwhile, caricature artists just need to take one good look at your face, grasp your facial features and transform all that into an adorable portrait with you in an oriental mid-autumn outfit!

Last but not least, you have to absolutely incorporate elements of Chang’er somewhere in your party. Tie in a Chang’er inspired balloon photo frame to spruce up your photo booths – it’s the perfect idea for guests who would love to take their photos to the Gram!

For a final touch to your entertainment, you could invite Chang’er and Hou Yi stiltwalkers, riddle guessing and Mid-Autumn games to get guests jumping on their feet!

Party décor

Whether you’re planning to do the party indoors or outdoors, the one thing you need for sure is party décor.

A Mid-Autumn Festival party is not one without all the stunning embellishments to make the celebration sparkle at nightfall.

While we know that lanterns are an absolute add-on to your party décor – is that really enough? Definitely not! Be sure to throw in other eye-catching and attractive decorations like life-sized balloon sculptures of Chang’er, rabbits or even the heavenly sakura trees decked in oriental lanterns.

It’s not only perfect for accompanying all the mouth-watering goodies and fun activities in store for guests, but it also makes your party come to life in an instant! Having the perfect décor will take your party to the next level.


Some things just never change. For Mid-Autumn Festival, it’ll always have many people looking forward to the special occasion even if they don’t officially celebrate it!

And this time, you can make it special by hosting a party and bringing everyone together to celebrate this beautiful festival. For starters, these brilliant tips will definitely help you to start off right!

But if you’re still worried, you don’t have to go through this journey alone – let a party planner in on your preparation. They’ll know just what to do to get your guests jumping on their feet!

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