What To Know About Self-Storage Solutions In Singapore

The property scene in Singapore has seen a general shrinking in apartment size over the decade. It is increasingly difficult to find or create space in your property in Singapore and this can pose a huge frustration for many.

Apartment prices have shot up, and more people are finding it less viable to rent or buy larger apartments just so that they can have space to keep items they scarcely use. In the wake of high property costs, self-storage is a smart way to make the most of your living space while saving money.

A self-storage provider provides you with a great alternative when it comes to creating space in your home for other uses. Bulky items that you hardly use like your chest of old books or unused luggage should not be taking up space in your living area. Why not place them in a secure facility you have access to 24/7?

If you are concerned about the price tag that comes along with it, we have some suggestions on how you can find a cost-effective self-storage solution:

Store Only What You Need 

Do not turn your self-storage unit into an overpriced dumping site!

Look carefully through the things you want to store and cut ties with stuff you do not use or need. You can significantly reduce the amount of space you need by cutting down on some items that you need to store and by minimising the amount of space each piece takes up.

If you only have a few boxes, individual furniture or bulky items to store, you can also consider our Valet Storage service. From $6/month, you’ll be able to arrange a pick up of your items right at your doorstep. The Valet will then store your items at an external storage unit – all you need to do is call when you need them back and arrangements will be made to have your belongings re-delivered to your doorstep!

Share Space

The general rule in self-storage is, the larger the unit you lease, the cheaper it becomes per square foot. You can take advantage of this by combining forces with a trusted friend or relative to maximise your purchasing power. If you take up a larger space at a lower combined rate, you can reduce your rent costs significantly.

Work Out the Timeline

Don’t just go into self-storage blindly without knowing how long you will need the facility. In most cases, self-storage comes in handy when crossing over temporary hurdles such as home renovations or moving house.

Whatever the case might be, ensure you work out the timelines and mark a specific date as the end point where you will start and terminate the self-storage service, otherwise, it could turn into a black hole. To avoid this, set a date when you will end the storage service, calculate how much you will pay in total storage fees and one-off costs to see how much it will cost to store your stuff. It is also important to include the cost of getting insurance for your stored goods to protect yourself from any unforeseen circumstances.

Taking the above steps will not only help you cut down on your expense of renting a self-storage space, it will also help you maximise utility of the self-storage unit and your home’s living space.

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