How SEO Consultants Go About Optimizing Content

Today’s Internet world is a noisy marketplace. So, here is question arises how to optimize your online presence so that your voice may be heard across the world. So, let’s start how will you optimize your content. As an SEO Consultant, it is necessary to know how about On-page SEO. It is so because on-page SEO is the primary task of SEO Course. On-page SEO offers peak performance for website and visibility on the target audience. Nowadays Google getting smarter, so it is necessary to follow basic and standard strategies of on-page SEO. So, let’s get started:

What is On-page SEO?

As an SEO Consultant, it is important to know about On-page SEO. On-page SEO describes the manipulations that the website owner directly makes a webpage to get a higher ranking. It usually involves optimizing content quality, content structure, and HTML code.

For better ranking, it is necessary to put some efforts on on-page SEO. Here are some important aspects of on-page SEO that should be properly managed by a professional SEO Consultant.

a) Start Title-Tag with keyword

First and foremost, thing is to add the keyword in Title Tag of your content. It is the most important factor in on-page SEO. The presence of the keyword in SEO title tag gives rise weightage of your content by a search engine.

b) Add Modifiers to content Title:

Adding modifiers like a review, 2016, best, and guide helps you to rank long-tail versions of the target keywords. so, try to add these modifiers to enhance your ranking power.

c) Wrap Title content in <H1> tag:

As an SEO Consultant, it is necessary to edit the title in H1 that called headline tag. Most of the CMS’s like WordPress add H1 tag a title of your blog. It is better to ensure that the title must be in h1 tag.

d) Dazzle with multimedia:

It is very important to engage your content with diagrams, videos, and images. It will help to increase the time of audience on-site and reduce bounce rate. These are the two most important ranking factors for critical user interaction.

e) H2 tags wrap as subheadings:

For an SEO Consultant, make sure to includes the target keyword in one of your subheadings. The subheading should be title as h2 tag.

f) Put the keyword in the first 100 words of content:

To optimize your content, the keyword should appear in 1st 100 words of your article. It will give a better opportunity to google to rank your content.

g) Responsive site:

In 2015, Google started penalized those sites which were not mobile-friendly. In the future, these sites will crack down more. As an SEO expert, it is important to make the responsive design of your site to get a better ranking.

h) Internal and external link:

Try to make sure to insert an internal and external link to your content, so that people more engaged with your content.


If you have made these changes and instruction in your content, then congratulation because halfway points for SEO Course have been covered. For information, inbox us.

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