A Mens’ Guide To Where To Shop In Singapore

Even men have shopping needs. From crisp shirts and sharp suits to the best mobile devices and accessories, a guy wants to grab valuable goods at competitive price rates. And no other place gives a shopaholic more satisfaction than Singapore. Men have many things to buy in Singapore.

Here are some great sites for shopping in Singapore for men:

Holland Village

This is a fashionable district that is made to attract the young crowd in Singapore. It has a distinctive charm that makes it quite an attractive place for shoppers, especially men. Apart from great handicrafts and arts, you will be able to experience the Bohemian side of Singapore. Stop by a brunch café to have some time to yourself and enjoy a nice meal.

Mustafa Centre

Mustafa Centre is a cozy shopping spot in Singapore that offers some of the best range of electronic devices and appliances at unbelievable price rates. The mall is always packed with tourists who are left in sheer amazement by the volume of electronic goods sold here. You’ll also find a unique restaurant or two here where you can dig in into local delicacies.

Marina Bay

Marina Bay is, without doubt, one of the top shopping destinations in Singapore. It is visually stunning and surrounded by luxury malls. You will find every type of shop here. If you are not much of a shopper, you can step into the in-house casino for some friendly game of betting.


Chinatown is a shopping spot that offers amazing quality products at very pocket-friendly rates. This place is great for travelers on a budget. You can find inexpensive clothes, souvenirs and local spices at the best possible deals. You will leave this place with bags full of goodies. If you’re planning to have dinner somewhere near, look out for an all-you-can-eat halal buffet restaurant so you get your fill at an insanely affordable price!

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