Why You Should Consider Opting For Short-Term Leases

There are various reasons why your company may be looking to rent an office space. You could be expanding your existing business with a new project for a specified duration, or looking to temporarily relocate to another geographical location. Regardless of the reason, being able to rent an office space for a short duration of time will come in handy.
No Long-Term Agreement
Short-term leases are generally significantly more manageable than other leasing arrangements. Leasing a short-term office space offers you more flexibility to operate your business as you please. With a flexible duration of tenancy, you can relocate to another area easily or move to a bigger or better space when business operations require the necessary expansion. This is also relevant in the event of downsizing business operations. Being stuck with the current rented office space can result in underutilized spaces and bigger expenses for the company. With flexible, short-term lease terms, you have the flexibility to expand or downgrade accordingly.
Professional Atmosphere
Although it is on a short-term lease, you are able to rent an office space that will provide a professional environment to boost productivity to your team members as well as attract potential clients and investors. You can choose rental units in a strategic location or those that come with a favourable business address, which can benefit businesses that are involved in frequent client interaction for a good first impression. The located offices can also provide you with convenient access to surrounding amenities like public transport, eateries, banks and retail options. For example, if you are looking for industrial spaces for rent near Eunos MRT, our property at 72 Eunos Avenue 7 offers spaces for rent suitable for ancillary office and B1 light industrial usage, with unit sizes range from 400 to 2,000 sqft. Located at the Eunos district, the Singapore Handicrafts Building is a 6-storey B1 light industrial building that is surrounded by home furnishing businesses and related companies including tiles suppliers and interior designers.
Save on Expenses
Generally speaking, the terms included in a short-term lease are very inclusive when compared with various other leasing arrangements. With short-term leases, you will also avoid being stuck with the lease for a considerable number of years, paying a costly rent despite the business not performing well. This is beneficial for new businesses or for companies that are keeping a tight rein on your finances. Monthly rental packages can cover certain basic services or facilities that are offered, or offer extra features beneficial to your business so you can get the best bang for your buck. Besides offering warehouses for rent at Paya Lebar, this new space concept helps to facilitate furniture and interior-related businesses to lower their investment and improve their sales.
With plenty of great reasons to rent a temporary office space, ensure your decision is the right one, that can meet the basic requirements of your business and handle all its needs.

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