5 Dieting Myths Debunked: The Actual Truth

A lot of people are confused about various dieting habits and sayings that are often given on social media, in books, by our friends and family, etc. They want to know whether they should follow a certain TCM weight loss program or not and whether these dieting sayings are even true or not. In this article, we have exposed 5 dieting myths that you must know in order to follow Singapore best weight loss program.

Myth #1 – Eating at night leads to weight gain

Fact: It doesn’t matter what time you eat. No study states that eating meals at night can make you fat. However, you must know that when you eat lots of calories, you gain weight; and night eaters generally overeat. Therefore, you must heed the number of calories you eat and eat early. If your total calorie intake is below the number of calories you use up, then you’ll surely lose your weight.

Myth #2 – Drinking juices and smoothies helps in weight loss

Fact: Even though drinking juices increases your consumption of fruits and vegetables, it can result in a deficiency of calories, fat, fiber, and protein. This is because, unlike smoothies, juices only contain the juice of veggies and fruits and not the fibrous parts, which slows down digestion and makes you feel full.

Juices are not bad because they provide you nutrients from fresh produce that you don’t eat so often, but they shouldn’t replace fruits and vegetables. Moreover, most smoothies are filled with carbohydrates and leave your gut quickly, which increases blood sugar levels. This, in turn, can make you feel hungry and tired. Therefore, you must rather eat fruits and veggies instead of drinking them.

Myth #3 – Eating fat will make you fat

Fact: This is not at all true. You shouldn’t remove fat altogether from your diet since your body needs carbohydrates, protein, as well as fats. Good fats found in foods such as nuts, avocado, low-fat dairy, and olives will provide you with energy, produce essential hormones, and help in rebuilding cells. You should avoid or limit trans and saturated fats, which are present in foods such as butter, red meat, processed foods, high-fat dairy, etc.

Myth #4 – You shouldn’t snack between meals

Fact: You can snack in between meals and then also lose weight. You just have to see that the number of calories you consume is less than the amount you use up. Moreover, when you snack between meals, make sure you choose healthy snack options, such as low-fat yogurt, and fresh fruits and eat small meals. This will keep your total calorie consumption in check. Furthermore, eat only when you feel hungry.

Myth #5 – Stop eating sugar altogether

Fact: You shouldn’t stop eating all sweet foods or desserts in order to lose weight. In fact, when you do so, you end up eating more than usual. The trick is to eat desserts occasionally and not to overeat. Rather, just eat a little bit so that your sweet tooth is satiated and you don’t crave for it. If you follow ‘all or nothing’ thinking, it will surely backfire.

So, these are the 5 myths related to dieting, which are absolutely untrue. So, the next time, you hear or read these myths, make sure you debunk these and make people aware of the truth.

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