Things To Keep In Mind When Shopping For A Sofa Bed

One can transform any room into a guest room or bedroom by furnishing it with a sofa bed. A sofa bed even covers terms like a sleeper sofa, sleeper, sleep sofa, etc. When you visit a furniture stores Singapore, keep the following tips in mind.

  1. Hardwood frame

While choosing a sofa bed, always go with a hardwood frame due to its durability. Sofa beds are made with kiln-dried hardwood along with a combination of plywood. Avoid purchasing a sofa with softer woods like pine.

  1. Smooth transition

You should be able to lift up and out the sleeper smoothly without sticking or squeaking. Look for a sofa bed with a lock-down system to ensure easy opening and proper closure.

  1. Look for smoother edges

Every part of the inner mechanism of a sofa bed should comprise of smooth edges to avoid ripping of sheets. Before closing the unit, remove blankets and sheets.

  1. Watch out for quality

A sofa bed cannot be complete without a premium quality mattress. It is important for a comfortable sleep and support for the body at hips, shoulders, and back. A thinner mattress will work fine or just add a pad on the top for sleeping.

  1. Test your sofa bed

Before buying a sofa bed, you need to test it. Try to open and close the bed to check the transition. Check for easier operation and quality of the mattress. Once satisfied, purchase that sofa bed and add bedside tables for giving it a modern look.

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